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A Princeton, NJ, Periodontist’s Cardinal Rule: Never Forget the Patient

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from the nearly three decades I’ve been a Princeton, NJ, periodontist is: Cultivating a gentle, compassionate environment needs to be a daily, conscious objective. I don’t know anyone who isn’t at least a little anxious sitting in a dentist’s chair. The lights feel a little brighter, a little hotter. And there’s a disturbing, visceral connection to every tool positioned so neatly on the tray looming nearby, even the rinsing sink.

I’m responsible for dispelling those fears, but I’m hardly alone in seeing that that tone pervades every aspect of our practice, from your initial call to your post-treatment check-ups. Most of our staff here at Princeton Periodontics & Implants has been with us for at least 10 years. And some of them have been working in their respective fields for close to four decades. That experience has given them, as it has me, a keener empathy for the patient’s experience, though we all respond to it in our own ways. I’d like to think I’ve become a better listener, while others have come to understand that a simple, consoling touch says what can often mean more than any words of reassurance.

Familiarity is the foundation of every treatment performed here, no matter how straightforward or involved. After all, familiarity breeds comfort. So, in most cases, the treatment itself is performed, or started, during your second appointment. The first is reserved for getting to know each other and what’s about to happen. Toward that end, my work as your Princeton, NJ, periodontist begins even before we meet. I’ll talk to your dentist so that we can compare our notes on the proposed treatment. I also take time during that conversation to ask about you. You’ve likely been his patient for years, so he can give me some clearer insight into your dental history and even your personal temperament. Knowing, for instance, that you’re particularly sensitive to pain medication, I can begin to explore alternatives so that I can present them to you. For your part, there are a few new-patient forms that you’ll need to download from our site and fill out prior to your arrival.

Once we’re face-to-face, your initial consultation will follow a template that’s known as SOAP, which stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. It’s pretty standard protocol for health care providers. Chances are, your physician’s questions have followed this line, whether you realized it before now or not. You’ll tell me how you arrived in my chair (Subjective) and then I’ll evaluate you and your condition myself (Objective). From there, I’ll affirm or correct your diagnosis (Assessment) and present a treatment (Plan).

Regardless of the treatment, I’m going to conduct a comprehensive exam. What that entails, exactly, is not just me looking all over your mouth, but also an oral cancer screening and a review of your medical history (which you’ll have provided in one of those new-patient forms). That last part may seem like overkill, but understanding your overall health will enable me to tailor your treatment accordingly. Certain prescription medications, for instance, can cause your mouth to become excessively dry, others spur excessive bleeding. Neither is something I want to be caught unequipped to treat promptly, or even beforehand, if I can help it.

But much of our time during your first appointment is going to be spent simply talking. You’re going to have questions, and it’s OK to ask them, all of them, no matter how mundane they may seem. Is it going to hurt? Even as a Princeton, NJ, periodontist who’s been practicing in total for over 30 years, it’s the first thing I want to know when I’m about to undergo any kind of procedure. Right behind that: How long is it going to take? And: How much is covered by my insurance? Remember, familiarity breeds comfort. The more of your mental checklist that’s covered, the better you’re going to feel sitting in my chair the next time around.

Even knowing what to expect—and hopefully this helps a bit—you’re probably going to feel overwhelmed at some point. It’s a lot to take in, especially when you’re coming in with your own preconceived notions of how this is going to go. You heard of a friend of a friend who had a piece of tissue removed from her palate and it went horribly wrong. And that’s why I’ll end our appointment by asking if you have any thoughts. If I asked if you have any questions, it narrows the field too much, focuses on the treatment or the insurance coverage when, really, you’re more concerned with a repeat occurrence of what happened to your friend’s friend. It’s my way of trying to convey, “Everything’s fair game. Hit me.” I won’t flinch. I promise.

Same-day teeth replacement in Princeton

Princeton Insta Smile Implants

Same-day teeth replacement in Princeton

Same-day teeth replacement in Princeton

Dental implants have been a tremendous advancement in restoration technology. As they have grown in popularity, many people have benefited from the advantages that they have over older and more traditional teeth replacement options. A dental implant can be used to replace a single tooth, but when you have multiple teeth that are missing, did you know that they could be used as a superior alternative to old-fashioned dentures? Well, we at Princeton Periodontics & Implants LLC are very excited to offer not only a way to replace multiple teeth or a full arch safely and effectively, but to complete it all in just a single day. With Insta-Smile implants, you walk in with an incomplete smile and you walk out with a full one. Please read on to find out more about our same day teeth replacement in Princeton.

If you were under the impression that replacing several or all of the teeth on your upper or lower jaw would be a long, drawn out procedures that would take a year or even more to complete, you’ve just been talking to the wrong dentist. Insta-Smile was developed because the inconvenience of waiting so long and being without teeth or dealing with a temporary set of dentures that feels like one-size-fits-all, is just too much of a burden to expect valued patients to deal with if it could possibly be avoided. Instead, same day teeth replacement in Princeton can be yours, without any fuss or difficulties.

The way it works is that 4-6 implants are used. The back ones are put in at a special angle so that you can get the most benefit out of your bone tissue. Instead of bone grafts, countless implants, and seemingly endless waiting, tooth-colored dentures can be fitted snugly over your new implants, creating a strong, durable, and permanent replacement for your missing teeth. Our same day teeth replacement in Princeton is the best way to get outstanding results, ones that you might expect to take far longer, and have it all done in the space of a single visit. What more could you ask? Call us today and schedule a consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate for this revolutionary procedure.

Same Day Dental Implants in Princeton NJ

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Gum disease specialist in Princeton

Princeton Periodontist

Gum disease specialist in Princeton

Gum disease specialist in Princeton

The acts of brushing and flossing your teeth, maintaining regular dental examinations and professional cleanings may all appear as if they are only directly impacting the health of your teeth, but by removing plaque and tartar, you are also ensuring the health of your gums. Gum disease can be present without noticeable symptoms such as pain, or may begin with slight inflammation or redness which may not be immediately noticeable. Since patients commonly excuse away bleeding which is another sign of gum disease, problems can begin undetected. Ultimately, left untreated gum disease or periodontal diseases are the most common reason adults lose their teeth prematurely. The team of extensively experienced and highly qualified professionals at Princeton Periodontics & Implants LLC is your gum disease specialist in Princeton. We provide compassionate care while taking the time to ensure you fully understand any procedures we recommend or administer. Our belief is that an educated patient will feel more comfortable and at ease while receiving periodontal services.

As the premier gum disease specialist in Princeton, our entire team of professionals at Princeton Periodontics & Implants LLC have seen numerous patients who are part of the high percentage of adults expected to suffer from gum disease at some point in their life. More adults over the age of 35 can expect to lose their teeth as a result of gum disease than from painful cavities. Unfortunately, no one is immune to periodontal disease, but with meticulous care and attention the progression can be stalled and treated. Left untreated, gum problems can erode the tissue that supports your teeth. Additionally, your gums will recede and separate from your teeth resulting in the ability to allow more bacteria in. Once periodontal disease has progressed to allow the loss of bone, it is quite conceivable the tooth will become loss and fall out.

Scheduling an appointment with the leading gum disease specialist in Princeton at Princeton Periodontics & Implants LLC may be the first step in your preventive or restorative treatment for gum disease. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals will be able to set up your office visit as well as answer your questions regarding additional services and treatment we provide. We look forward to meeting with you and ensuring your naturally beautiful smile is healthy and lasts a lifetime.

Teeth Cleaning in Princeton

Princeton Periodontal Office

Teeth cleaning in Princeton

Teeth cleaning in Princeton

You know that you could be taking better care of your teeth, and you are ready to do it. You want to learn proper brushing and flossing techniques, and go on to make it an important routine that you follow every day. But first, you would like to get off on the right foot and visit a dentist for a comprehensive tooth exam. You will then have a teeth cleaning in Princeton and keep your teeth and gums healthy from that day forward.

Well, it sounds like a great plan. Why not definitely start off on the right track with a visit to our practice, Princeton Periodontics & Implants LLC. Our dentist, Dr. Richard Staller, will be able to give you a great oral exam, and then provide a great teeth cleaning in Princeton. Dr. Staller is an experienced periodontist who uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to treat all phases of periodontal disease. His approach is conservative, which many people appreciate – they do not want to be over treated when their teeth and gums are in need of minimal assistance.

Gum disease prevention and teeth cleanings are very important steps to having great oral health. Gum disease is very common, and affects almost three out of four people at one time or another. However, with proper care, gum disease can almost always be prevented. And when you keep your regularly-scheduled appointments for teeth cleaning in Princeton, you are well on your way to ensuring that your gums and teeth remain healthy. Even with the best of intentions, at-home teeth cleaning is not totally effective in keeping your mouth healthy. The most thorough of brushing and flossing will leave some plaque on your teeth. In only a short period of time, this plaque will harden and become tartar. Once tartar forms, it can only be removed by professional dental instruments that can in effect break the tartar away from your teeth. If the tartar is allowed to remain, pockets will form between your teeth and gums. This is the beginning of gum disease. More plaque and bacteria will become trapped in the pockets, and the pockets will deepen. If allowed to continue, the jaw bone can become weakened, eventually allowing for teeth to loosen and fall out. Professional teeth cleaning in Princeton can almost always keep this from becoming a reality for you. If you are interested in having a comprehensive oral exam, and professional teeth cleaning, contact our office today for an appointment to see Dr. Staller.

Periodontist in Princeton

Dentist in Princeton

stallerAt Princeton Periodontics and Implants, we provide the best dental care in Princeton, NJ. At our dental practice, our staff is committed to giving our patients the best personalized care. Our Princeton periodontist, Dr. Richard Staller attended the Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry and proceeded  to complete a post graduate residency in periodontology and dental implants.

At our Princeton dental practice, our expert periodontist provides treatment for various dental conditions. Some of the services we provide include scaling and root planing, bacteria culturing, laser procedures, sleep apnea appliance therapy, crown lengthening, soft tissue grafting, osseous surgery and dental implants. Visit our dental office in Princeton, New Jersey or call our office today for help at 609-534-7796.

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