Our Team

We’d like to think we have one of the most experienced and cohesive periodontal practice teams around. Some of our members have been working in their respective fields for close to four decades. And most of our team has been with us for at least 10 years. What that looks like from the patients’ perspective: an unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of their experience.

Dental Hygienists

Andrea Cuenca (RDH)
Andrea’s been with us for a year. She’s meticulous and compassionate in how she goes about her work—qualities you should expect from anyone acting as the first line of defense for your oral health. Away from the office, she’s a new mom, who, during her rare moments to herself, rides a motorcycle and trains in the martial arts.

Toni Zammit
Toni started with us as a dental assistant 12 years ago while she earned her dental hygienist degree. It’s the people who make the work interesting for her. “I really enjoy getting to know our patients and building a rapport with each of them,” she says. “It helps the office feel more like a small community.” At home, nothing can compete with a little quality time with her family—unless, of course, you’re offering some alone time and a big mug of tea.

Dental Assistants

Terry Silverii
Terry has been working in the dental industry for almost 50 years. Yet, her favorite part about her work today? Having a hand in the latest technology and cutting-edge treatments. She’s a proud grandma, who retreats to the beach as often as she can during the summer. She’s also a world traveler, who has a particular fascination with waterfalls.

Danielle Fecca
Danielle is the program coordinator for our dental and hygiene study clubs, which means that she’s responsible for a ton of event and curriculum planning. “What makes Princeton Periodontics unique is that every day, we’re all working toward a common goal: what’s best for the patient,” she says. When she’s not in the office, Danielle’s often on the road with the championship-level softball team she plays for.

Emilly Yales
Emily’s outgoing nature helps to put a lot of our patients at ease. Away from the exam room, Emily works as a hair stylist, though, really, it’s more of a passion project. “I see it as a way of giving someone a little extra spark,” she says. The mother of twin boys, with a third child on the way, our kindhearted, friendly Emily gets around in a truck with wheels as tall as she is.

Patient Coordinator

Cindi Varnum (RDA)
Cindi is one of our longest-standing staff members. She’s been with us for almost two decades and working in the dental industry for more than 35 years. The number one thing she’s learned through all that experience is that there’s no overstating the value of patient care and being able to make someone feel comfortable. Cindi is not your average grandmother. If she’s not tearing up the road on the back of a motorcycle, you’ll probably find her tearing up a ballroom dancefloor.

Office Manager



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